Our Mission :

Crea Logistics :   Customer Oriented, Quality Driven, Proactive, Time-Sentive Logistics.

Crea Logistics is a new generation logistics service provider established by idealist entrepreneurs.

By applying expert insight to the major industry challanges, We deliver innovative and quality driven solutions that address unmet customer and market needs.

Our focus on precision quality is the key to maintaining or gaining a leading position in every market in which we operate. It is also the foundation for strong relationships with our customers:

  • We take the time to learn about, understand your business, and look for ways to add value.
  • We understand the competitive and fast-paced logistics environment, and act with agility and flexibility in response to changing business conditions.
  • We are driven to making and meeting commitments while delivering the highest quality service.

By working safely and in a more sustainable manner, as well as accepting our role as a socially and ethically responsible corporate business by committing to international trade rules, we create benefits for the business of our customers and for the enverioment in which we live.